Colouring Book Productions is a production company based in Rochester, New York founded in 2014 by Jason Cuthbert, a screenwriter and director, and his partner Francesca D’Amico, a producer and historian.

Our team draws on their diverse experiences in film, music, marketing, academia and social media, in order to create projects that connect with audiences aesthetically, intellectually and emotionally.

We are¬†focussed on promoting the visibility of creative and moving fiction and non-fiction stories that¬†represent the full spectrum of societal diversity; particularly of those who find themselves underrepresented in mainstream media. Our first project, Colouring Book, from which our company’s name drew its inspiration, is a feature length documentary currently under production that focusses on the story of a mixed race family whose biography documents the challenges, triumphs and possibilities of their micro-world where diversity is made normal.