How have mixed heritage experiences and interracial relationships changed during the Post-Civil Rights era of the late 1960s to the Barack Obama age of the 2010s? Director Jason Cuthbert seeks to discover the answers, comparing mixed race life in the United States and Canada, by exploring the story of his own deeply diverse family in Colouring Book – a feature length documentary on blurring the lines of race.

As the 45th wedding anniversary of Jason’s multi-ethnic parents Winston (Afro-Trinidadian) and Martha (Caucasian American) approaches, Jason Cuthbert investigates the effect of race on his mother, father, siblings, their spouses, his nieces, nephews, cousins, aunts and uncles; a domestic melting pot mixed with: Trinidadian, Welsh, American, Canadian, Puerto Rican, El Salvadorian, Cruzan, Jamaican and Italian.

 Jason Cuthbert’s own personal mixed race struggles and identity development will provide the diversity issues that Colouring Book will be structured by. Colouring Book will be divided into chronological chapters, covering race relation topics such as: stereotypes, racial slurs, discrimination, alienation, interracial dating, diversity parenting, identity politics, inclusion and cultural sharing. Each chapter will contain the family history storyline coloured in with educational data.

Fusing reality show intimacy, music video artistry and documentary “edutainment,” Colouring Book is a multilayered mosaic of Jason Cuthbert’s narration, interviews with relatives and diversity experts, dramatic reenactments, animated data interludes and music inspired by the cultures within this Cuthbert Collage.

In a family this mixed, are the Cuthbert’s an example of how our human family can get over our race issues?